The origins of the estate’s name date back to the Middle Ages. In the thirteenth century the monks at the Cistercian abbey of Franquevaux noticed the exceptional quality of the soil in a hundred hectares of magnificent pine and oak forest. They set about clearing the forest in order to plant vines and olive trees. In memory of the forest the area was named "Beaubois" ("Beautiful Forest").
In the early nineteen twenties, Margueritte Mouret bought the estate. Soon afterwards the wines began to be bottled and sold in France and abroad. The estate has doubled in size over the years as each generation has made its own contribution to the vineyard’s growth and modernisation.

The estate is run by brother and sister François and Fanny, the fourth generation of wine makers. They have combined their skills and opened a new chapter in BeauBois’ history.
François devotes himself to looking after the vines; he is always on the lookout for new techniques in order to improve the quality of the grapes that are the basis of any great wine.
Fanny makes the wines, maintaining high standards and introducing a certain feminine style.
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